Social Media Comment Analytics

Understand your audience! Use natural language processing to gain valuable insights from comments.

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Natural language processing lets us extract valuable information to help you improve your content even further - without having to read through all the comments by yourself.


What are common topics your audience talks about in the comments?



What is the share of approving vs. disapproving comments?


What does your audience absolutely love about your content and brand?


What directions for further improvement are mentioned in the comments?



How do the different metrics evolve over time?

Custom Metrics

What other metrics do you want to track? We can help you implement them.

Always be on track with what your followers are saying

Comments on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms are a useful way to get feedback from your followers.

But when the number of comments is in the thousands rather than hundreds, systematically analyzing what followers say about your content and your brand can be a time-consuming task. 

We can help you use artificial intelligence to automatically analyze all your comments within a matter of seconds. A dashboard provides you with the insights.

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