Information Synthesis

All the important information from thousands of PDFs and Word documents in one well-organized table.

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Using the latest deep learning technology, we extract valuable insights from the thousands of contracts, invoices, purchase orders or industry reports lying around on your servers.

Flexible Input Formats

Based on your needs, we can parse PDFs, Word files or other documents.

Structured Output

The extracted information is summarized in a searchable and filterable table.

Entity Extraction

Addresses, company names, amounts, and other entities are detected automatically.


Long documents are broken down into their most essential messages.


Define automatic actions triggered whenever certain information is detected.

Multiple Languages

English, German, French, ... - our tools are multilingual.

Don't waste any more time searching for information

Information is oftentimes spread across endless numbers of files. Searching through tons of folders until you find the documents you are looking for can be tiring. 

Similarly, reading a 20-page contract from the beginning to the end, line for line, might not be the most enjoyable task to do when you are just looking for a precise piece of information.

Our customized NLP solutions can help you overcome these inefficiency problems. Our models automatically extract information from documents and structure them so that you find what you are looking for without losing time.

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