Bot & Hate Speech Detection

Automatically detect and delete comments written by bots or containing inappropriate language.

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Natural language processing lets us automatically detect undesired content so you can remove it from your platform before it can cause any harm.

Bot Detection

Expose any comments automatically generated by bots.


Offensiveness Detection

Identify politically, religiously, or sexually inappropriate text.

Racism Detection

Reveal racist language in content posted on your site.

Spam Detection

Remove posts containing undesired ads or inappropriate links.

Violence Detection

Ensure age suitability of comments, flag and delete violent phrases.

Cyber-Bullying Detection

Make sure your users are not harassed on your platform.

Keep your platform clean

Racism, political extremism, and gender discrimination: There are many forms of offensive content you probably want to keep away from your site.

But manually going through everything your users post can be a tedious task. Fortunately, this can be automated with natural language processing.

We can help you use artificial intelligence to detect offensive content and remove it automatically.

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