Creatext makes your employees more productive thanks to AI-assisted writing.

Write 2x faster

The Creatext Assistant helps you finish your sentences and even proposes you entire sentences to include in your message. With Creatext, your writing becomes lightning-fast!

Write 2x faster
Send better messages

Send better messages

Never misspell a name or use your company’s outdated elevator pitch again. Suggestions are context-aware and tailored to your company’s language.

Lose less energy on communication.

Leverage the power of AI

Based on cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), the Creatext AI analyzes the context of your message. It then gives you fitting, personalized recommendations.

Leverage the power of AI
LinkedIn, emails, and more

LinkedIn, emails, and more

Whether you write emails, LinkedIn or WhatsApp messages, or a bit of everything, Creatext has it covered. Our browser extension helps you anywhere you type.



Lukas Kemkes


A productivity hacks enthusiast, Lukas bridges his business and technical experience, acquired at Tesla, to help busy people. Building on his background in Statistics from ENSAE Paris and his NLP knowledge from CybelAngel, he recently developed a model to summarize news articles automatically.


Jérôme Bau


After taking a deep-dive into Statistics at ENSAE Paris and teaching chatbots how to talk at Botfuel, Jérôme conducted applied AI research at the Tokyo-based lab Riken AIP. Passionate about natural language generation, he later helped diverse clients automate their text content generation as an NLP freelancer.


Nicola Wiggers

Product Manager

Aiming to solve big, pressing problems, Nicola strives to have an impact by using a data-driven and user-centered approach to develop products that matter. With a background in Social Sciences, she conducts user research to validate product ideas through methods like design thinking.


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