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We build automatic text writing technology and offer natural language processing consulting.

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What we offer

Natural language processing (NLP) is where image recognition was five years ago. Especially the field of natural language generation (NLG) is booming, with major research breakthroughs in the last years and months. In 2017, the Transformer architecture developed by Google made transfer learning possible for NLP.  Building on this architecture, OpenAI proved in 2019 with GPT-2 that machines can write text that sounds as if it was written by a human.

We apply the recent breakthroughs to create tangible business value. Our SEO content generator is built on top of state-of-the-art models to automate the writing of search engine optimized web content. The same technology is used to automatically respond to comments on social media with our auto comment replier. Finally, we support companies to build their own custom models with NLP consulting projects.

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SEO Content Generator

Use AI to automatically turn keywords into a full text you can upload directly.

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Auto Comment Replier

Too many comments under your posts? Let our AI automatically reply to your followers.

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NLP Consulting

You need support with a custom NLP project? We've got you covered.

Let's start your NLP journey together!

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Meet our team

Having met during our Statistics studies at ENSAE Paris, we share both a strong interest in deep learning for real-world applications and an in-depth technical understanding of today’s state-of-the-art language models. 

Profile image of Lukas Kemkes

Lukas Kemkes

Bridging business and technical experience, acquired at Tesla, Lukas is our clients' first point of contact. Building on his  background in NLP from Paris-based startup CybelAngel, he recently developed a model to summarize news articles automatically.

Profile image of Manuel Tonneau

Manuel Tonneau

After applying machine learning at major institutions (The World Bank, Société Générale), Manuel is now using language models to improve the way machines understand and write text. In his master thesis, he improved the state-of-the-art in sentiment analysis for financial texts.

Profile image of Jérôme Bau

Jérôme Bau

Having taught chatbots how to talk at Botfuel in Paris, Jérôme took a deep-dive into AI research at the Tokyo-based research lab Riken AIP. Passionate about natural language generation, he later helped diverse clients automate their text content generation as NLP freelancer.